“We support the mission of the Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies. It is vital that young people develop a love and appreciation of nature and our delicate ecosystem.”

— The Belovitch Family

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The Cooper’s Cove Conservation Fund (CCCF) was created after various members of the Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies (BCWS) expressed concern about the health of the ecology of Cooper’s Cove Wildlife Sanctuary and ongoing quality of the experience of those who use the facility.  Former camp staff pointed out that if asked, they would donate to a fund to handle these issues. The idea was solidified by the Kolp family whose response to the death of their son Michael (he died while leading an Outward Bound group in Minnesota) was to create a fund specifically for the acquisition of land adjacent to or affecting Cooper’s Cove Wildlife Sanctuary.

The mission of the fund is to preserve the health, serenity and safety of Cooper’s Cove Wildlife Sanctuary and those who inhabit it.  This includes but is not limited to such actions as land acquisition, purchase of conservation easements on nearby land, watershed protection, removal of invasive species, and encouraging native species.  The mission will be accomplished when there is no foreseeable threat to the ecology and safety of the Cove and those who use it.  Land purchases will wind down eventually, but management of the lands is likely to be necessary as long as it is in use by BCWS.

The decision to acquire land is not for the purpose of owning more land.  The original tract of Cooper’s Cove is sufficient to the purpose.  The reason that we have begun acquiring land is as a buffer: we seek to minimize the effect of development on nearby properties, and thus minimize  unwanted trespassers, noise, forest fracturing, watershed damage and invasive species.  BCWS merely seeks to continue to provide the experience it has thus far.  In some instances, assisting neighbors in putting conservation easements on their land may accomplish the same purpose.

The fund is built through an annual appeal to people who have expressed interest in supporting BCWS, including some members of the school community, some members of the camp community and some various others with a historic connection to BCWS.

Over the years, BCWS has made several purchases thanks to the fund, and as of the summer of 2019, has added 4 parcels totaling 144 acres.

Those interested in donating to the CCCF can do so in a number of ways. 

Currently, the most secure way is to send a check payable to BCWS and mail directly to Burgundy Farm Country Day School, 3700 Burgundy Road, Alexandria, VA 22303. Writing “CCCF” in the memo section of your check will ensure that it is credited to the proper fund.  Should you wish to make a gift of stock, please notify the Burgundy Advancement Office at 703-842-0470 or michelem@burgundyfarm.org with your name, the name of the stock, the number of shares, and the date of the transfer, to insure that your gift is properly credited and acknowledged. Provide your broker with following information:

Account Name: Burgundy Farm Country Day School
Account # AB2-031674, DTC # 226
State Street Global Markets, LLC
One Lincoln Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
Phone Number: 1-800-892-4514

If you prefer to donate by credit card on line, you can do so right here but you will have to send an email explaining that you want to donate to CCCF. 

No gift is too large or too small. We have worked steadily to build this fund and are proud of the results so far. Thanks to donations made to the Cooper’s Cove Conservation Fund in the last decade, Cooper’s Cove Wildlife Sanctuary has grown by 40 acres.

We welcome contributions in the form of ideas as well! Should you wish to discuss ideas for fundraising, or for conservation work that we do at Cooper’s Cove, contact BCWS Director. And thank you.