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A message from Vini Schoene, former Director:

Congratulations on finding us!  With the large range of options out there, impressive displays by well-heeled traditional camps at camp fairs, and the overwhelming listings online, a small camp like ours can easily be overlooked.  We hope this is just the place you have been searching for.

One of my favorite stories from over the years comes from a moment when I was standing in the parking lot on the first day of a session, greeting a 12-year old girl and her father as they got out of the car.  They had driven all the way from New Jersey to be there that day.  The father unfolded himself from the driver’s seat, stood, stretched, and spoke to me frankly:

“I don’t understand why my daughter likes it here so much. There is nothing here.”

“Daddy!” she cried out, rolling her eyes a bit, “that is JUST THE POINT.”

That IS the point.  We are a nature camp.  You won’t find an archery range, basketball court or horses here.  You’ll find over 500 acres of wildlife sanctuary, full of interesting nooks and crannies to explore, as well as a healthy range of wildlife to observe, follow, and study.  You’ll find yourself surrounded by high school and college students,  mature and thoughtful beyond their years, and so full of energy and unabashed enthusiasm that they’ll restore your faith in the next generation.  Most have been campers at BCWS and can’t wait to share all they have learned.

As with any quality camp program, BCWS has a strong following. Alumni return to stroll over the ridges, listen to the stream, and recognize the evocative smells.  They all have stories of what this program meant to them, and how it informed their personal and professional choices.  You will soon be able read about some of them in the Alumni section (currently under construction)

This is a program for children and teens who are drawn to nature, or just to the out of doors.  It is for children who prefer smaller communities. It is not a nature therapy camp, but has proven to be successful for a wide range of learners, as often is true in situations where children are outside,  and happen to get lots of fresh air and exercise.

Vini Schoene, Director

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns. We will respond quickly. 


Informational presentations with camp director:

There will be no presentations in 2021.


Burgundy Farm Country Day School (library)

3700 Burgundy Rd., Alexandria, VA 22303


Audubon Naturalist Society (manor dining room)

8940 Jones Mill Rd., Chevy Chase, MD 20815