We are looking forward to welcoming back returning and new campers again this summer!

2023 Senior Program (ages 11-15)  •  $1,850

  • Session 1: June 21 – July 4
  • Session 2*: July 8 – July 22

*Note: Session 2 is designed for campers who have already attended our Senior Program, or another similar experience. It is intellectually and physically more rigorous.

2023 Senior Program (ages 11-15)  •  $1,450

  • Session 3**: August 9 – August 19

**Note: Session 3 is a shortened session, open to all 11 – 15 year olds, but ideal for campers who are experiencing Senior Camp for the first time.  Camp will follow the same format with workshops, independent projects, and an overnight experience.  The difference in cost reflects the shorter camp session.

2023 Junior Program (ages 8-10)  •  $1,060

  • July 26 – August 1

2023 Adult Weekend (ages 21+)  •  $240 / $430 per couple

For adults envious of their children’s camp time, or looking for a weekend in nature. 

  • August 4 – August 6


We are happy to answer any questions you have! Please contact us at


Volunteer Weekends–Spring 2023–April 22 & 23

Contact if you’d like to lend a hand!


BCWS is the mountain campus of the Burgundy Farm Country Day School, and hosts school groups throughout the fall and spring. During this season, there are a number of volunteer weekends which are open to the whole family: work weekends at Cooper’s Cove as well as the Christmas Bird Count for Hampshire County.  If interested in learning more, or participating in any of these efforts, email BCWS Director.