For the summer of 2021, in lieu of our typical junior program, we will be offering four days of family day-camp. 

Families with children ages 8 – 10 • Cost $45 per person

Dates: August 13, 14, 15 and 16

Sign up for one or more days of our Cove family camp! Family camp is open to families with children in our target junior age group (8-10 years old). Older and younger siblings are welcome, but programming will be targeted towards juniors. Children under the age of six may not be able to participate in all activities, and will be the sole responsibility of their parents. 

Day-camp will consist of a mix of favorite Cove activities, including hands-on introductory workshops and creative activities designed to get kids interacting with nature. There will also be time to enjoy the Cove in more personal, quiet ways. Parents will be invited to accompany their children through the day, or enjoy Coopers Cove on their own. Families may return home in the evening, or rent a tent spot for a flat fee of $20. 

Camp will run from 10 am – 7 pm. Dinner is provided, but families are responsible for breakfast and lunch. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Read below for a description of our week-long Junior program, which we look forward to resuming in 2022. 

Ages 8 – 10 • Cost TBA

Dates: TBA

Through a variety of direct, entertaining activities, campers explore the area, its habitats and wildlife, and are set at ease with the natural world. The short session, structured days, small camp size and specially trained staff make this program an ideal first overnight camp.

Organized in small groups, campers move through a series of workshops each morning, wherein they are introduced to topics in the natural world.  The activities are largely hands-on, so that by lunchtime, campers may have waded in the pond, chased butterflies, caught salamanders, planted a row of lettuce, or predicted the day’s weather.


Each afternoon the staff present a fresh set of choices among hikes, games and arts, all of which integrate the natural world in creative ways, and incorporate further outdoor skills.

Evenings are sometimes whole group activities such as a round of games, a folklore night, or a sleep-out on top of our mountain.  Other evenings the campers choose among small-group options that celebrate the crepuscular hour.


Meals are served family style, with several staff presiding at each table, assuring that eating and conversation promote good health along with hilarity.  Campers are supervised throughout the bedtime process by the staff who manage the dormitories.  Bedtime is a ritual of toothbrushing, sharing thoughts, and reading aloud.  Campers soon settle down to sleep.

A typical Junior Program day is likely to follow this schedule:

7:00   Wake up

7:30   Breakfast

8:15   Clean up

8:45   Morning Activity –small assigned groups

10:00 Snack – bookstore open

10:30 Morning Activity –small assigned groups

11:45 Free Time

12:00 Lunch

1:00   Rest

2:00   Swim/Free Time

3:00   Afternoon Activity Choices – size of groups limited

5:30   Free Time

6:00   Dinner

6:45   Reflections – with reflections group of 1 staff and 2-3 campers

7:15   Evening Meeting – campers and camp director

7:30   Evening Program

8:45   Lights out